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Juniors Softball Rules


7.       AGE LIMIT:

A.    Any girl that is at least 12 years old and not more than 14 years old on the previous December 31st is eligible for participation in Junior Division. Exceptions will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


A.    Bases shall be 60 feet apart.

B.     Front of pitcher's plate to rear tip of home plate shall be 40 feet.

C.     The pitcher's circle radius will be 8 feet from front center of pitcher's plate

9.       EQUIPMENT:

A.    T-shirts or uniforms will be provided by the League and should be worn during all games. No altering of uniforms permitted, including removing sleeves or adding a player's name.

B.     Catchers must wear full catcher's equipment. Certified equipment will be provided by the League as needed.

C.     When warming up a pitcher a catcher must wear a helmet/facemask.

D.    A batting helmet, with facemask, must be worn by any batter, on-deck batter, base runner or player in the coach's box while the ball is live, as per NFHS rule 1-6. E. 12-inch balls provided by the League will be used. F. All bats used must conform to NFHS rule 1-5.


A.    All players must appear in batting lineup at all times.

B.     The minimum number of players required to begin or continue a game is 8 players. A grace period of 10 minutes from the scheduled time will be permitted. A team not able to field 8 eligible players will forfeit the game. Coaches can choose to play by mutual consent, but the forfeit will stand.

C.     No player can sit out defensively more than one consecutive inning, unless injured or requests to sit out.

D.    If a player is injured, gets sick or has, to leave a game due to extenuating circumstances, her absence in the batting order will not be an automatic out. An injured or sick player cannot play offensively or defensively. The opposing coach will be immediately informed of any changes in a player's participation.

E.     Junior Division teams will be permitted to use any Daisy Division player, with a signed parental consent form, as a substitute player to field a team of no more than 10 players.

F.      A substitute player on a team with more than 9 players will sit out every other inning defensively. If a team has more than 9 players and 2 or more substitutes, the substitutes will alternate with each other defensively and regular roster players will not sit out.

G.    Any substitute player(s) will be placed at the bottom of the batting order.

H.    A late arriving regular roster player will be inserted at the bottom of the batting order.

I.        A substitute player will be allowed to continue playing after the arrival of a regular roster player.

A "Courtesy Runner" will be allowed for the catcher ONLY when there are two outs ONLY. The Courtesy Runner" will be the most recent player in the batting order that made an out in that same inning. That catcher must catch the next inning. The intention of this rule is to allow the catcher time to put on catching equipment to speed up the game.


A.    National Federation of The High School Associations (NFHS) rules will apply except as amended herein.

B.     A complete game will consist of 5 innings, no time limit.

C.     If a game is interrupted due to weather a game will be considered complete if 4 innings have been played or 3 1/2 innings when the home team is ahead.

D.    If a game is interrupted due to weather the game will continue from the point of interruption. An official rain delay sheet must be filled out and signed by both coaches. E. The maximum number of runs allowed per inning is 7 per team. There is no per inning batting order rotation limit.

F.    A game is complete after 3 innings if a team has a 15 run lead or after 4 innings if a team has an 8 run lead.

G.  A pitcher can pitch in a maximum of 4 innings per game. Any appearance in an inning shall count as 1 inning pitched. Re-enter/ in the same inning Shall count as 1 inning not 2,

H.  If a pitcher hits 3 batters in any inning or 4 batters total in a game, that pitcher will not be allowed to pitch for the reminder of that game.

I.       At the start of a game pitchers will be given 5 warm-up pitches. A relief pitcher will initially be given 5 warm-up pitches. A returning pitcher will be given 2 warm-up pitches at the beginning of each half-inning.

J.      If a player throws her bat during a game, she will be called out if in the umpires opinion there is an injury or interference with a defensive player.


A.    If a non-championship game is tied after 5 innings, at the beginning of each subsequent half-inning the offensive team shall place at second base the last player in the previous inning to complete a full at bat.

B.     A Championship, or potential Championship Game, will be 7 innings with no time limit, except in run rule situations (i.e. ahead by 8 after 6 innings, 15 after 5 innings or 22 after 4 innings).

C.     If a championship, or potential Championship Game, is tied after 7 innings, at the beginning of each subsequent half-inning the offensive team shall place at second base the last player in the previous inning to complete a full at bat.

D.    During the Championship Game, or potential Championship Game each pitcher will be allowed to appear in a maximum of 5 innings, unless the game goes extra-innings, in which case each pitcher will be allowed to pitch 1 additional inning for every 2 innings played. Example: if a pitcher pitches in 5 of the first 7 innings she will be a//owed to pitch the inning, but not the inning.

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