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Welcome to Wallen Complex

Welcome to Wallen Complex

ABC Softball Division

(ABC) Development division of Tee Lob Division

Ages 8 & 9 Year old Girls Coach/Kid Pitch

Mission Statement:

Wallen Complex wants to continue to improve the growth of the girls in our program and open the opportunity to excel at stages of our division of softball.   Fastpitch even though is a well define game for the girls, the game and its development is always evolving.    We are creating a division that is a foundation to help develop the girls to develop and to make the game more enjoyable for years.

League Name:

  • ABC  (Leana Arnold, Phyllis Bookout, Dottie Wiltse Collins)  Former players of Fort Wayne Daisies Professional Women Baseball League

  • Modified fast-pitch coach pitch/kid pitch for 8 - 9 year olds

National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rules will apply except as follows:

Age Requirement:

  • A player’s age is calculated as of January 1st of the current year.

  • No Player allowed to “play down” in a younger age group.

  • A player may “play up” in an older age group if approved by her parents and league representative(s)

Field Dimensions:

  • Bases—50 feet

  • Pitching Rubber 32 feet

  • Pitching Circle—8 Foot Radius around the 32 foot pitching rubber


  • An 11” optic yellow ball will be used in this league

  • Bats- no specification

  • Batting Helmets- Must be equipped with a face mask.  Also batting helmet is prohibited from being overly reflective as to be a distraction, and safety concern, for the pitcher.

  • Cleats- No METAL or Fiberglass cleats are allowed

  • Fielding Masks - ALL PITCHERS WILL WEAR FACE MASKS WHILE PITCHING. It is recommended that infielders have a face mask.  Wallen will not supply face mask.

  • T-shirts or uniforms will be provided by the League and should be worn during all games. No altering of uniforms permitted, including removing sleeves or adding a player’s name.

  • Catchers must wear full catcher’s equipment. Certified equipment will be provided by the League as needed.

Players and Substitutions:

  • All players must appear in batting lineup at all times.

  • Only 11 players may play in the field.  Additional players will need to sit out.  No player will be allowed to sit out a second inning until all players have sat out 1 inning, (and then 2 innings and then 3 and so on…don’t sit the same girls all the time)

  • A team can play a maximum of 5 outfielders at a time.

  • The minimum number of players required to begin or continue a game is 8 players. A grace period of 10 minutes from the scheduled time will be permitted. A team not able to field 8 eligible players will forfeit the game. Coaches can choose to play by mutual consent, but the forfeit will stand.

  • ABC teams will be permitted to use any 7-year-old lob-ball player, with a signed parental consent form, as a substitute player to field a team of no more than 10 players.

  • Any substitute player(s) will be placed at the bottom of the batting order.

  • A late arriving regular roster player will be inserted at the bottom of the batting order.

  • A substitute player will be allowed to continue playing after the arrival of a regular roster player.

  • If a player is injured, gets sick or has to leave a game due to extenuating circumstances, her absence in the batting order will not be an automatic out. An injured or sick player cannot play offensively or defensively. The opposing coach will be immediately informed of any change in a player’s participation.


  • A regulation game shall be scheduled for 5 innings or a one hour and 10 minute time limit, whichever comes first.

  • No new inning will start after one hour and 10 minutes on the official Time clock. (A new inning is considered to begin immediately after the 3rd out for the home team.

  • If the time limit expires during an inning, the inning will be allowed to finish unless the home team is at bat and is winning at that time.

  • Regular season games allowed to end in a tie.

  • Mercy Rule- If a team is ahead by 10 runs or more after the three innings, the game will be called.

  • Stealing will not be permitted.  The umpire will assess a bench warning to any team determined to be stealing.   After 1 warning the umpire may assess a penalty of a ball or a strike for additional stealing.

  • No leading off and No bunting.

  • In case of rain, 4 complete innings, or 3 ½ innings if the home team is ahead, is considered a complete game.

  • If a rain delay occurs, the game will be resumed from the point of delay.  An official rain delay sheet must be filled out and signed by both coaches.

  • If a game is approaching the time limit, and the umpire is aware that there are players on either team that have not batted, the umpire may reduce or increase the number of outs allowed in  effort to ensure that all plays on both teams gets at least one turn at bat.

  • Maximum number of runs allowed per inning is 6 per team.  There is no per inning batting order rotation limit.

  • All outfield players must remain behind the designated line until the ball is hit.

  • If in the Umpire’s judgement a batter throws her bat and interferes with a defensive player or injures a player.  A warning shall be assessed then after that batter shall be declared out and baserunners will return to the base previously occupied.

  • Only 1 base allowed on an overthrow, even if ball is in fair territory.

  • Coaches will only be allowed in first 2 innings while on offensive in the pitching circle and 1st and 3rd base, in girls pitch the defensive team coaches may only be in outfield.

  • Infield fly rule is not in effect.

  • Runners may advance until the ball is possessed by girl pitcher in the circle.  In both coach and girl pitch.

  • Regular season all girls play the field, tournament will be down to 10 players in the field.   All girls will be continuous batting.

  • With 2 outs the catcher may receive a courtesy runner.  The courtesy runner is the last out made.

  • If a player is injured, gets sick or has to leave a game due to extenuating circumstances, her absence in the batting order will not be an automatic out. An injured or sick player cannot play offensively or defensively. The opposing coach will be immediately informed of any change in a player’s participation.


  • Coaches will pitch first 2 innings of each half inning for their own team.  The last 3 innings if within time limit will be girls pitch.  

  • No walks or hit by pitch is given.

  • There is no dropped third strike rule.  A batter is declared out on a third strike regardless of whether the catcher catches the ball.

Coach Pitch

  • Each batter may receive a maximum of six pitches per at-bat.  Regardless of the location of the sixth, the batter’s coach will call out the batter if the ball is not hit.  In the event the sixth pitch is a foul ball, the batter shall receive an additional pitch to hit.

  • When coach is pitching the girl playing the pitching position must have at least one foot in the pitching and no closer to home plate than the coach pitcher.

  • Coach must pitch on or touching the pitching rubber.

  • If ball is batted during coach pitch the coach must avoid all contact with players and batted balls.  Once the ball is hit the coach must move out of area where potential play could happen.

  • No coach pitch batters may walk, or get hit by pitch.   They must either put ball into play or strikeout.

  • If a batted ball hits the coach, the ball is dead and the batter bats again.  The ball will not count as one of the 6 pitches.

Kid Pitch

  • Pitchers are required to wear face masks while pitching.

  • When the pitcher has thrown 4 Balls, a coach from the offensive team will come in to pitch to that batter. The current count will remain in place. The coach will get a maximum of 3 pitches to allow the batter to either put the ball in play or strike out.  In the event the 3rd pitch is a foul ball, the batter shall receive an additional pitch to hit.

  • Pitchers are only allowed to pitch 2 consecutive innings. And no more than 4 total innings for a regular season week.   Tournament rules will be different.

  • At start of the 3rd inning the girls will be allowed 5 warmup pitches, same for relief pitchers, if returning pitcher will be given 2 warmup pitches.

  • If a pitcher hits 3 batters in any inning or 4 batters total for game, that pitcher will not be allowed to pitch for remainder of that game.


  • Tournament games will not end in a tie.

  • Tournament games will be continued until a winner is decided.  In the case of extra innings, or innings played after the time limit expires, International Tie Break Rules will apply. At the beginning of each half inning, the batting team will put its last batted out on second base.  Play will resume as normal at that point.

  • A championship game, or potential championship game, will be 5 complete innings with no time limit, except in run-rule situations.

  • Tournament will be all girls pitch.

  • A maximum of 4 outfielders will be allowed during tournament games.  Additional players will remain in the dugout.  No player will be allowed to sit out a second inning until all players have sat out 1 inning.

  • 5 innings for pitchers in tournament games regardless of the number of innings played.

GOAL for this league

Teach girls good sportsmanship, fundamentals of the game, encourage your players team environment.  We want to advance these girls to play longer.

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