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Thank You for being part of the Wallen Complex Fall program.  Below you will find some basic information about the program, our mission, and how it is structured with the purpose of providing the best learning experience for our players.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us by email to [email protected].  

Thank you again and have a great season. 

Wallen Executive Board



Our goal with Wallen Fall season is to provide a productive venue for improving skills, game experience, and a high level of competition for players.  Practices and games are intended for the players to gain on the field experience, manage pressure, teamwork, failure, and success while learning more about competing at a higher level on the field.

The leagues are not about winning at all costs, but it is about letting the players earn their success on the field.  We will attempt to provide an environment to help players learn from failures and teach them to work to turn failures into success.  Our goal at Wallen Complex is to have players develop as athletes, teammates, students, and productive young adults through learning more about managing the natural adversity presented in games.

Players must treat umpires and coaches with respect and maturity, and the same is expected of coaches to players and umpires.  Coaches must set a good example for their players, treating umpires, players and other coaches with respect.  There is no tolerance for coaches and players exhibiting behavior that is not a good example for their peers and young adults.  Our philosophy is that if young players are held to highs standards and treated with respect and responsibility, they will reciprocate that to their coaches and umpires.


Wallen Fall Ball information

Basic Rules and Regulations for all divisions


Games Rules and Regulations


Games will be played under Washington Township Baseball League rules, with the following exceptions:

1.  Time Limit: no full inning can start after division time listed as follows:

a.  Wedge Wood Bat---1 Hour 45 Drop dead or 7 innings or Run Rules --4/15,5/10

b.  Koufax --1 Hour 45 Drop Dead or 7 innings or Run Rules---4/15,5/10

c.   Reese--1 Hour 45 Drop Dead or 6 innings or Run Rules 4/15,5/10

d.  Mays--1 Hour 30 Drop Dead or 6 innings or Run Rules----4/15,5/10

e.  Clemente--1 Hour 15 Drop Dead/5 innings/Run Rules Max 5 runs per half inning play full

f.    Juniors--1 Hour 30 Drop Dead or 6 innings or Run Rules 3/12,4/10,5/8

g.  Daisy---1 hour 30 Drop Dead or 5 innings or Run Rules 3/12,4/10

h.  ABC--1 hour 15 drop dead or 5 innings or Run 21 thru 3

i.     Tee and lob ---1 hour games or 5 innings whichever first. 

If there is a double header 2nd game will start 15 minutes or earlier upon agreement of both coaches and umpires.

2.  Pitcher Limitations are in effect

3.  Extra Hitter Rule:  Teams must bat all players in the dugout.

4.  Substitutions:  Teams May use defensive substitutions freely but not one player may sit consecutive innings in a game

5.  Home vs Away: In each double header, the designated home team on the schedule will be the home team in the first game, if visitors in 2nd game may stay in the home dugout but must be clearly understood home and away on scorebooks and umpire.

6.  Courtesy Runners: Courtesy Runner may be used for the catcher with 2 outs in the inning.  The last out batter or runner must be used for the pinch runner.

7.  Schedule- Each team will have a min. of 8 games schedule.  If we have room we may schedule more games for the season if there is field availability.   If we have field avail. We will reschedule the games or adjust schedules to make sure we get min. of 8 games for season.

8.  Wallen will provide a Game shirt with color and a number for each player that is part of agreement with registration terms.

Teams not using Wallen uniforms must have their own matching in color and have numbers on the back of the jersey.  Exception of the rule would be if a player is subbing from the original roster.  Must be approved by the opposing coach and umpire.

9.  Equipment needed:  Players should bring a glove and bat.  Helmets and catcher gear is provided by Wallen equipment. Wallen only provides game balls, no practice balls provided.


10.  Most Importantly‚Ķbring a good attitude and be ready to learn every week.  The quickest way to improve your game is to learn and practice as much as possible.



11.  Weather Policy:  In case of rain delays or cancellations, we may post updated weather cancellation information on the Wallen Complex website. We will also post updates often on Twitter at [email protected], or facebook Wallen Baseball/Softball Parents.  Where you can follow and like us.   Ultimately each coach will get an email first.


Immediately prior to or during games, the weather cancellation decision will be made by the umpire and Board member on duty.

12.Team Rosters:  Each team may be built to a min. of 10 to 13 players, on occasion 14 depending on condition dealing with a team.

13.Registration and Waiver forms for those bringing a team must have all parents sign waiver and provide their own insurance. Wallen may provide insurance coverage for the season for a cost of $50.00

14.Communication needs to be directed to your coach, or [email protected]

Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

Field Status

Open Open

Wallen Complex (04:21 PM | 12/20/16)

Open Open

Field 9 (The Quad) (04:21 PM | 12/20/16)

Open Open

Field 10 (The Quad) (06:36 PM | 02/04/17)

Open Open

Diamond 1 (12:48 PM | 03/11/17)

Open Open

Diamond 2 (12:48 PM | 03/11/17)

Open Open

Diamond 5 (12:48 PM | 03/11/17)

Open Open

Diamond 6 (12:48 PM | 03/11/17)

Open Open

Field 8 (The Quad) (03:57 PM | 03/21/17)

Open Open

Field 7 (The Quad) (03:57 PM | 03/21/17)

Open Open

Field 4 Softball (01:35 PM | 03/27/17)

Open Open

Shawnee #1 (06:38 PM | 03/30/17)

Open Open

Shawnee#2 (06:38 PM | 03/30/17)

Open Open

Shawnee#3 back field (06:38 PM | 03/30/17)

Open Open

misc.(offsite) (10:29 PM | 04/21/17)

Open Open

Diamond 3 (02:40 PM | 05/21/17)

Open Open

Washington Township Hall (Firestation (02:24 PM | 04/06/17)

Open Open

FRONT HALL (02:26 PM | 04/06/17)

Open Open

Back Fire Station (10:08 PM | 05/14/17)

Open Open

Shawnee Middle School (05:44 AM | 04/13/17)

Open Open

CLOSEST #1 (05:45 AM | 04/13/17)

Open Open

MIDDLE #2 (05:45 AM | 04/13/17)

Open Open

BACK FIELD #3 (05:45 AM | 04/13/17)