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Clemente Rules

Roberto Clemente Division Rules

The major objective of this division is to be instructional.

Coaches must rotate their players through different defensive positions as the season progresses.

1. Distance between bases - 50 ft
    Distance between pitcher’s mound and home plate - 40ft
    Game Length - 5 innings or 90-minute time limit.

2. Baseball - Regular baseball provided by the Wallen league 
Bat Size - Maximum 2 ¾’’ width and 33’’ length 
Helmets - All players will wear helmets with protective face masks/cages

3. Substitution Rule - All players not playing defensively in the current inning must be substituted in defensively that next inning and henceforth.   
    The same rotation occurs every inning
Time Limit - The game is complete as the last Batter completes his time at-bat. No inning shall begin after the game has been in progress for
     80 minutes. For timing purposes, the next inning shall begin immediately once the third out has been recorded in the bottom of the previous

Continuous batting order shall be used.

5.  Pitcher limitations - Players are allowed to pitch a maximum of 6 consecutive outs per game. They are allowed only 2 appearances per week         (Sunday through Saturday). Travel team players from any travel team may pitch in house league games, but the maximum outs recorded in a       game is 6 for all travel team players combined per game.

6.   Stealing - 2nd and 3rd base is allowed after a pitched ball crosses the plate. A base runner may not attempt to advance to home plate from 
      3rd base on a passed ball, wild pitch, or any throwback to the pitcher wild or caught. The runner on third may only advance on a hit, hit by
      pitch (with bases loaded), a play on him, or a play on another base runner. Additionally, in order to avoid unnecessary delays and rundowns,
      once a base runner from third base stops completely, hesitates, or turns his back to home plate, that runner must return to third base, unless          there is play on him or another base runner.

Baserunning - Once the ball has broken the plane of the infield, a runner may not attempt to advance any further than the base they were       
      advancing to.

Any pitcher walking 4 batters in an inning must be removed from pitching. When bases are loaded, after 4 balls are called, the batting team's 
      coach shall pitch to the Batter from the pitching rubber. The Batter will either strike out or put the ball in play (no walks or HBP allowed).
No leadoffs are allowed

No intentional walks allowed.

11. Balks will not be enforced in this division.

Bunts are allowed

13. Where Washington Township rules do not apply, Little League rules will apply.

14. No headfirst slides allowed unless the runner is returning to the base, they came from

One coach or designated parent must always be in the dugout. 

Once the offensive team scores 5 runs or records 3 outs, whichever comes first, then that half of the inning is complete.

17. The coach for the team that is batting will pitch the first two innings of each scheduled game and the players will play the remaining innings up        until the 90-minute time limit or 5 innings, whichever comes first. Once the players start to pitch, beginning with the top half of the 3rd inning            and beyond, all existing Clemente rules apply. During postseason play, coaches will not pitch the first two innings of the game. Pitchers will be        allowed to make 9 outs per game during the postseason. All other pitching limitations and Clemente rules will be in effect.

18. The team on defense may field 4 outfielders for a total of 10 players. This is not mandatory and is at the coahes division.

19.  All rules are subject to change due to any extraordinary situation. Changes will be determined and approved by the Executive Board of

Pitching information

Ages Daily Max Pitches 0 Day Rest 1 Days Rest 2 Days Rest 3 Days Rest 4 Days Rest 5 Days Rest
# of pitches # of pitches # of pitches # of pitches # of pitches # of pitches
7-8 years 50 1-20 21-35 36-50 N/A N/A N/A

Breakdown if they pitch and the above # of pitches occur, this is layout for all coaches to follow when the pitcher pitch again.
Examples Can Pitch again 24 hours is consider one rest period
Any pitcher pitches on if 0 rest if 1 day rest if 2 day rest if 3 days rest if 4 days rest
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Monday
Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Monday Monday
Thursday Friday Saturday Monday Monday Tuesday
Friday Saturday Monday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Saturday Monday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

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