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Welcome to Wallen Complex

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Mays Rules

2016 WILLIE MAYS DIVISION RULES (Revised 2/29/2016)


1.     Base distance - 65 ft.

     Pitching distance - 46ft


2.     Baseball – Baseball provided by the Wallen League

     Bat size - Maximum 2 3/4" x 33"

     Game length - 6 innings (maximum)


3.     All players must play at least 6 defensive outs in the first 4 innings within a legal game       and 9 defensive outs in a full game.


4.     Time limit - The game is complete as the last batter completes his time at bat.

      No inning shall begin after 1 Hour 40 Minutes. For timing purposes, the next inning shall begin immediately once the third out has been recorded in the bottom of the previous inning.



5.     Continuous batting order - Shall be used, once a team bats completely around in it's order, it must        take the field defensively.  I.e. Team "A" has 12 players.  As long as there aren’t 3 outs, and the 10        run rule does not apply, all 12 players will bat.  As the 12th batter finishes, the inning is over.  Team        "B" has 9 players.  As long as there aren't 3 outs, the 10 run rule does not apply; all 9 players will        bat.  As the 9th batter finishes, the inning is over. After the fifth inning, there is no batter limitation. 


6.     Pitching limitations - Players are allowed one appearance on the mound (per game) to pitch a       maximum of 9 consecutive outs. They are allowed only 2 appearances per week (Sunday through       Saturday.).


Travel team players from any travel team may pitch in house league games, but the maximum outs pitched in a game is 9 for all travel team players combined per game.



7.     Stealing - 2nd and 3rd base is allowed, after a pitched ball crosses the plate.  A base runner may       not attempt to advance to home plate from 3rd base on a passed ball, wild pitch, or any throw        back to the pitcher wild or caught.  The runner may only advance on a hit, ball hitting batter (with       bases loaded ),  a play on him,  or a play on another base runner.   


8.     Walks - any batter thrown 6 called balls in an at bat, in a bases loaded situation will be granted 1st       base.  All other base runners will advance, the runner on 3rd base will count as a run when runner        crosses home plate.


9.     No lead offs allowed.


10.  No intentional walks allowed.


11.  Balks shall not be enforced in this division.


12.  Four innings or time limit in the Mays division constitutes a legal game. 


13.  A 10-run mercy rule shall apply after four innings is completed. 


14.  Where Washington Township rules do not apply, Little League rules will apply.


15.  No head first slides allowed unless runner is returning to the base they came from.  


16.  One coach must be in the dugout at all times.

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