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Jul, 2020

2020 Season Update

Hello FPW parents,
Normally at this time of the year, we would all be gearing up for the first weeks of practice. As you all know, 2020 is not a "business as usual" year and as a board we are having to face unique and previously unheard of challenges. So, here are the facts we are facing currently:


  • July 17th - Governor Newsom announces mandates on schools ability to reopen (video of announcement attached: - basically, until San Diego county is off the state watch list for two weeks, schools won't reopen for in person classes.
  • July 20th - CIF announced that their seasons will be pushed back to a Dec or Jan start date (here is the link to read the announcement:


Since these announcements, our league has attended a Wescon Conference presidents meeting (July 22) and we have held our own board meetings (July, 23 & 28th) to discuss how to proceed. We also had a parent survey (posted on Facebook and emailed to all registered parents on July 24th). Here is what we know as a board on how these announcements trickle down to us:



  • We cannot have practices at any of the schools and game locations are all on hold as well. This isn't just our league, but all leagues in our conference.
  • We cannot have FPW sanctioned camps, workouts or skill clinics or we will be fined by the state and possibly face child endangerment charges during these mandates (all it takes is one person filing a complaint).
  • Insurance is another issue restricting our decision making until we know what the schools will allow once they reopen.
  • Several leagues in our conference have already voted to not have a season.
  • Our survey results were completed by half of registered parents, and some prospective families but the majority want to have a season. The overwhelming majority don't mind waiting for a delayed start date, having a shorter season or driving to a new location in Bonsall or Rainbow for practices. Most had questions regarding a reduced registration cost if the season was reduced to 5 weeks (which we will get to shortly).


Now for the GOOD NEWS - you as parents have spoken, and we listened! As a board, we voted to wait it out. What this means for us is our season will possibly not start until December or January. More details still pending from Nationals. However, if things change regarding state and school restrictions, then we will have to change with it. More good news - this push back on our start date means we have more time to register kids, as well as host fundraisers! Let's get the word out and fill those rosters for all our teams and squads!
Now regarding money...parents want to know if there will be a reduction in price if the season is shortened. Unfortunately, we don't know yet. It greatly depends on how many home games we have and that depends on what schools even end up allowing teams to play on their campuses. As a board we are looking at cutting costs and where, but even if we don't have a season, we still have bills equating to a few thousand that we have to pay just to keep the league available for next year. Lastly, seeing as registration is staying open, the date to request a full refund is also moving with it. It is too soon to state when that will be, but look for another post and email regarding this specific topic at the beginning of November. If you plan on waiting it out, continue with your payments so all players can be paid in full by a December start date.
If you have any questions please email the following board members:
I think that is it for now and thanks for your patience as we navigate these strange times!
Go Warriors!