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New Equipment!


One of the many benefits of playing football for Fallbrook Pop Warner is our equipment. Unlike other sports associations, we go above and beyond to keep all player equipment up to date. Players who wear newer, proper fitting equipment are less likely to get injured and typically play better!

New Riddell 'Pursuit' Youth Shoulder Pads - Purchased in Jan. of 2022

  • Z-Fit Belting System
  • Integrated Deltoid Pads
  • Flat Pad Design
  • Removable/Adjustable Bodies
Click HERE for instructions on how to properly fit and wear the Pursuit Shoulder Pads

New Riddell 'Victor-I' Football Helmets Purchased in 2021

This member of the Speed Platform, is designed for Youth Players up to Junior High.

  • HS4 Face Mask
  • Quick Change S-Pad + Inflation Bladder
  • Air Fit Liner
  • Patented Side Impact Protection (PSIP)
  • Screw + T-Nut Face Mask Attachment
  • Light Weight Techhology
  • ABS Shell

Youth Football Equipment Details

Please review the below list which describes what kind of equipment is to be used for football, as well as which equipment you are required to purchase. Part of your registration fees go towards the majority of your player's equipment however there are a few items you will have to purchase and manage. If you plan to purchase all of your player's equipment, the below information provides helpful information as well.

Game Day and Practice Uniforms

Part of your player/cheerleader's registration fees are applied to providing them with uniforms. Flag and Tackle football players are provided with practice and gameday pants - both that include sewn in protective pads, and practice and gameday jerseys. The gameday jersey will have the player's name on the back and he/she can keep it once the season is over. The practice jerseys are loaned to the players and need to be returned. 
You football player will be provided with socks. A good investment for parents are compression pants that go beneath the players game/practice pants. These allow the player to avoid having to wear an athletic supporter as the cup can be inserted into the compression pants.

Cleats Required (Parents to purchase - All Players)

All players are required to purchase and wear their own cleats (Flag and Tackle). Most football cleats are designed differently defending on what position you play. Typically, high-top cleats are made for linemen who need extra ankle support for lateral movements. Mid-cut cleats combine support with maneuverability for players like running backs, quarterbacks and corner backs. Low-cut cleats are the lightest and most maneuverable shoe and are used by receivers. The most important thing to remember is ensure that your player is comfortable while wearing the cleats. 

Helmet (League Provided - Tackle FB Only)

The league will provide your player with a helmet. All league provided helmets must be properly sized and fitted by the league's equipment manager. FPW Helmets are re-certified every 2-years and maintained on a regular basis.  If you plan to purchase your player's helmet, It is very important that you pick one that fits properly. Most sporting goods stores employ people who are qualified to properly fit helmets. If you are buying a helmet online, it is strongly recommended that you have the helmet inspected by the FPW equipment manager prior to your player using it. Also be sure and choose a jaw pad and chin strap that fits comfortably. If you are interested in purchasing a Riddell helmet directly from the manufacturer, please contact the Riddell Sales Rep, Brad Ross at (760) 703-8213

Pads (League Provided - Tackle FB Only)

FPW Will provide your player with shoulder pads prior to commencement of the season. If you are buying shoulder pads, ask your coach or other store expert which types are right for your position. The league will also provide football practice and uniform pants that include sewn in hip thigh, knee and tailbone pads, If you are interested in purchasing Riddell shoulder pads directly from the manufacturer, please contact the Riddell Sales Rep, Brad Ross at (760) 703-8213.

Mouthguard (Parents to purchase - All Players)

It is MANDATORY that all players (Flag and Tackle) wear a proper fitting mouthpiece AT ALL TIMES while on the field during practice and games.  Although they are a bit uncomfortable, they are inexpensive, and they protect your player's tongue and teeth. We suggest purchasing 3-4 mouthpieces at the beginning of the season as they get lost and worn out. 

If you need additional help, please contact the FPW Equipment Manager at: [email protected]

Equipment Maintenance


Mouthpiece Instructions

  1. Place mouthpiece in mouth. If it is too long cut the back edges with scissors so it is the right length.

  2. Boil water. Place mouthpiece in water holding the end that attaches to helmet for 20 seconds or until mouthpiece goes limp.

  3. Once soft, dip in cold water for one second.

  4. Place in child’s mouth positioned tightly against upper teeth.

  5. Have child to bite down for 10 seconds, sucking to pull the mouthpiece tightly against upper teeth.

  6. Dip mouthpiece in cold water for 10 seconds.

If child bites a hole in it, then it was too soft. Ask your coach for another mouthpiece and repeat.

Mouthpiece Care

Wash mouthpieces once per week with soap and water.

Practice Pants

Wash practice pants only once per week (during weekend). This saves you and us money(replacement of pants). Check wear and tear of pants once per week.

Shoulder Pads

Disinfect shoulder pads once per week with something similar to Lysol. Check wear and tear of shoulder pad strings once per week.


Disinfect helmets once per week with something similar to Lysol. Shine your helmets with pledge or similar agent before every game. Check helmet screws to ensure they are all tight once per week.

Pads (knee, thigh, hip, tail)

DO NOT run knee pads, thigh pads, hip pads or tail pads through the dryer, especially thigh pads!

Equipment Problems

If you have an equipment problem, please see your team equipment manager or your coach.

Where do I get my Equipment??

Football and Cheer Uniforms and Equipment shall be distributed shortly before the commencement of the season (Before practices begin). P

Please keep an eye on the FPW calendar or check with your team's coach for equipment sizing and issue dates.

Please note: No player shall be issued uniforms or equipment until all registration fees have been paid in full. 

The FPW Equipment Shed is located at:
Potter Jr. High School
1743 Reche Rd.
Fallbrook 92028

Equipment Sheds are located behind the parking lot on the east side of the school.

Equipment Fitting Videos