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About Us

About Us

 With approximately 325,000 youth participants ranging from ages 5 to 14 years old, Pop Warner is the largest youth football, cheer and dance program in the world. Pop Warner was founded in 1929 and continues to grow and serves as the only youth football, cheerleading & dance organization that requires its participants to maintain academic standards in order to participate. Pop Warner's commitment to academics is what separates the program from other youth sports around the world. As the only national youth sports organization that requires scholastic aptitude to participate, Pop Warner is committed to developing America's young people on the field and off. Each year Pop Warner continues to expand its efforts in team and activity participation, as well as visibility and outreach in the community. Since 1929, Pop Warner's Philosophy has been that athletics and scholastics go hand in hand. At every level, Pop Warner programs seek to develop well-rounded young men and women who learn not only the fundamentals of football, cheerleading, and dance but also the importance of education in an atmosphere conducive to developing sound character while having a good time.

The Pop Warner Mission:
The mission of Pop Warner Little Scholars is to enable young people to benefit from participation in team sports and activities in a structured environment. Through this active participation, Pop Warner programs teach fundamental values, skills and knowledge that young people will use throughout their lives. Pop Warner seeks to provide fun athletic learning opportunities for children, while emphasizing the importance of academic success.  Specifically, Pop Warner seeks to familiarize players and spirit participants with the fundamentals of football, cheerleading and dance. Pop Warner strives to inspire youth, regardless of race, creed or national origin, to practice the ideals of sportsmanship, scholarship and physical fitness as reflected in the life of the late Glenn Scobie “Pop” Warner.


To encourage and increase youth participation in football, cheerleading and dance.

To ensure a safer and positive playing environment for all participants.

To instill life-long values of teamwork, dedication and a superior work ethic in the classroom and on the playing field.

Positive Experiences:

Pop Warner programs have no tryouts or cutting of rosters.

Everyone participates under mandatory rules of play.

On-field coaching is allowed for younger age levels.

Individual awards are given only for academic excellence, not for on-field activities.

Safe Playing Environment:

There are strict mandatory equipment requirements.

Pop Warner provides Coaching Clinics and Risk Management Training.

An enforced national rule book incorporates time-tested rules.

A full-time executive staff supports all local associations and assists in sound policy creation.


Field Status

  • Fallbrook High School

    Updated: 02/11/2022 02:56PM
  • Fallbrook Team Practices Potter Jr. High

    Updated: 02/11/2022 02:55PM
  • Fallbrook Boys and Girls Club

    Updated: 02/11/2022 02:56PM
  • Carlsbad High School

    Updated: 02/11/2022 02:56PM
  • Coronado PW - Coronado High School

    Updated: 02/11/2022 02:56PM
  • Escondido PW - Orange Glen High School

    Updated: 02/11/2022 02:56PM
  • La Costa PW - La Costa Cyn HS

    Updated: 02/07/2022 09:30PM
  • Lakeside PW - El Capitan High School

    Updated: 02/07/2022 09:30PM
  • Mission Hills High School

    Updated: 02/07/2022 09:30PM
  • Mt. Carmel High School

    Updated: 02/07/2022 09:30PM

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