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FPW Volunteer Opportunities

THANK YOU for considering becoming a volunteer in the Fallbrook Pop Warner Program!

Like most youth sports associations, our league is a 100% volunteer run organization. Without parent and other community volunteers, our league simply would not exist. Our league offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities that range from simply lending a hand during games or practices, all the way to helping to manage, oversee and even improve league operations.

Here is a list and brief description of each available volunteer position:

Manages all communications between the league, coaching staff and parents. Oversees and delegates team fundraising, etc.
(See below "Team Parent Guidelines")

with all responsibilities of primary team parent

 Helps with gameday responsibilities such as team spotter & checker, chain-gang, clock operator, announcer, etc.

*TEAM BUSINESS MANAGER: The team's Business Manager is in charge of the certified player ID, and Coach books, manages game day "Mandatory Play Rules" (MPR), oversees game day team certifications, and coordinates with the opposing team's business manager. Please click here for a detailed description of the Business Manager's job duties: BUSINESS MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION
The Head Coach is ultimately responsible for the entire team. The actions of parents, staff and players are the responsibility of the head coach. They are responsible for making sure that all players and volunteers on their team follow Pop Warner National, WCC, and Fallbrook League and team rules.

The team's assistant coaching staff is typically responsible for specific responsibilities such as designing and executing offensive, defensive, & special teams game plans and play calling, teaching players rules, skills, and fundamentals, designing and overseeing team strength and conditioning, and assisting with the overall responsibilities of the head coach.

The Team's Trainer is responsible for overseeing the overall health and safety of the players/cheerleaders. A team Trainer must be certified for CPR/AED and league required first aid and is responsible for maintaining the first aid kit and supplies, The trainer administers first aid and manages the team's injury and illness prevention program. The Trainer is responsible for filling out and submitting league injury/accident reports and managing and when required - administering participant required medications.

**BOARD OF DIRECTORS (Board Member):
Board Members are required to manage all league operations. Board members are elected each year during a league sanctioned election.  Board members may also be appointed as needed throughout the season. Executive members must commit to a two-year term while appointed board members are expected to serve a one-term minimum. There are typically 8 to 12 board member positions available with responsibilities that range from overseeing league operations, to specific duties like player registration or the league's equipment. Board of Directors job descriptions can be found in the Fallbrook Pop Warner League By-laws. 

*Requires League and/or Conference provided Training
**Requires League Approval, Training, and Certification

Board Members are elected every year at our general meeting.  Executive board members must commit to a two-year term while appointed board members are elected on a yearly basis.  Board member job descriptions and qualifications can be found here: 

Head coaches are elected every year.  Association approval is required for all coaches, returning or not, prior to each season. To be a coach in PPW is a privilege, not a lifetime job, and previous coaching experience does not guarantee a coaching position for the upcoming season.

Assistant coaches, trainers and equipment managers are appointed by the head coach of each team.

Please click below to print out the FPW Volunteer Application