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Cheer 2021

Here is the link to the Palomar conference cheer page:
It is a great source of information on the program.


Upcoming important dates:

  • Cheer Coaches Clinic  - July 17, 2021. 
  • First Day of PRACTICE - (Potter Jr High) - August 1, 2019. 530pm - 7pm.
  • Certification -  August 21, 2021.
  • JAMZ Camp for Coaches - TBD
  • JAMZ Camp for Flag to Pee Wee Teams- August 7th. More Details on this to come
  • JAMZ Camp for Junior Varsity to Varsity Teams - 8th. More Details on this to come
  • Local competition- TBD. Flag Teams are exhibition only.     THEME: TBD
  • Regionals competition - TBD
  • National Championships - (Orlando, Fl.) Dec 6-11. (approx. cost for travel/stay $1200)  *NOT MANDATORY*



PLEASE CONTACT Natalie Peet:  [email protected] 


Practices are Essential

All practices start the first day of August - (Potter Junior High School) - 5:30pm to 8:00pm.

**Location may change after September 1st for an indoor option****

Non-competitive teams will practice 2-3 days a week for 1-2 hours in the evenings.
Competitive teams will practice 4 days a week for 2 hours in the first two weeks of August and 3 days a week for 2 hours when school starts.

Practice Schedule will be as follows:
Monday - Thursday for first 2 weeks of August
Tuesday - Thursday when school starts

Flag Team: TBD
Jr. Pee Wee: TBD    
Jr Varsity: TBD 
*Times of practice are subject to coaches direction*

Time and location are subject to change after September 1st - due to a lighting issue and safety for stunting and tumbling practice.

Practices are mandatory; please arrange any vacation prior to August 1st.  There is no excuse to miss practice unless your child is very ill.  If you child is hurt or has a broken bone, they are still required to attend practice and games to support their team.

It is very difficult for a team to practice with missing people.  Everyone is needed to learn new dances or cheers.  Missing even one day of practice or a game sets the team back and isn't fair to the girls that do attend.

It is also required to be at practice on time.  If practice time conflicts with transportation, please inform your coach and they will be able to assist with making sure your child can be at practice at the appropriate time.

There will be consequences for your child either being tardy to practice or missing practice.  Please stress to your child it is a five month commitment that they are making.


Certification is Mandatory

All cheerleaders are required to attend certifications: this is for the Palomar Conference to assure that the child signed up is the child participating - all mandatory forms and requirements are turned in and met.

They must wear the specified uniform - that the cheer coordinator requires: which is typically their "camp gear".  
Team red shirt and grey shorts, white socks, tennis shoes, high pony tail.
No nail polish, nails cut/filed properly.
Eye glasses must be secured by a neoprene band - no knot, bead, and extra material hanging in the back.
    (If they have eye glasses on in their picture, they must have them on during certifications and at competition.)

2021 Certification location: Olive Peirce Middle School 1521 Hanson Lane Ramona, Ca 92065
                   To be held on: August 21st.  *Please arrive on time*
If you are not there, ON TIME, to be certified with your team, the entire team gets pushed to the very end of the line.
If you cannot make it to this event please notified your coach or the cheer coordinator as soon as possible.


Competition is Why We Do This!

Wescon Conference
All squads participate in the local competition to be held on (TBD)
Flag teams are exhibition teams only. Flag will perform the dance they learn at JAMZ camp in August.

Wescon Regionals
The competitive team that qualifies at locals by placing 1st or 2nd, will compete at the regional level on TBD.

Pop Warner Nationals
When a team qualifies at regionals by placing 1st or 2nd, they are invited to attend National Championships in (TBD).

Parents are responsible for the cost of travel for all competitions as well as hotel stay and expenses while there.  The team can hold fundraisers and you can obtain individual sponsorship to cover the cost.


Games or Sideline Cheer

The football season runs from August to December.  Games are held every Saturday beginning August 28th.

Parents are responsible for transportation to and from games.  If you cannot get your child to a game please give the coach 24 hour notice that there is an issue and we will find transportation for your child.

Your coach will provide you with a schedule as it becomes available.  The schedules are subject to change, even a week prior to a game so please be flexible with us, as the hosting Football League and Palomar conference are the ones in control of the game schedules.  

The team must arrive at least 1 hour prior to game start time.  As this gives the team adequate enough time to stretch, check in, and go over the plan for that day's game - since every location gives us a different place to cheer from.

There will be consequences for your child either being tardy to a game or missing a game.  Please communicate with the coach and/or team parent as soon as possible if there is an issue.



All teams attend camp, while this is not mandatory, it is encouraged.  Camp fees are included in your registration, so there is no other cost to you.  They learn a lot in their one day of camp, from stunting to dance routines.  There is a parent show at the end of the day.  3:30-4:30pm.
Flag will use this routine and practice all season for the local competition exhibition.
All other levels will use this as a base to learn new technic and help teach new teammates basic skills of cheer.

Coaches have camp on TBD: covers basic skills and rules for competition for each ability level.
Flag thru Pee Wee  teams have camp on August 7th.
Junior Varsity has camp on August 8th

Camp attire:
Red team shorts and Grey shirts that the coach handed out to the girls.
High pony tail 
Tennis shoes with no show socks
Eye glasses secured with a neoprene strap: no knot, bead, or extra material that hangs off.
Bring a bag:
Packed lunch and snacks
WATER!  *No other liquid is allowed in the gym*
Brush, extra hair ties
Extra eye glass strap or extra contacts

2021 JAMZ Camp:  August 7-8 
(you can also park on Patriot Way of Bear Valley)
the parent show from 3:30-4:30pm.

Parents are welcome to drop off or to stay.  They MUST stay in the area designated for parents "tent city".  They may not come into the areas where the girls are getting instructions from the JAMZ instructors, this can be distracting to your child and the team.  Coaches and parents are not allowed to take pictures during instruction time either.

Parents may bring:
Pop ups for shade
Coolers with water and food
and anything they need to keep busy.
Your cheerleader will be busy, the only down time is lunch, so no need to worry if they need something to do.
It is nice if at least one parent or multiple parents tag team to sit at our 'tent' to guard our gear.
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