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Cheer & Dance Overview



Cheer Spirit

Fallbrook Pop Warner provides an excellent program that gives your child the opportunity to learn the skills and fundamentals of competitive Cheer and Dance. Our program offers all participants the chance to learn and compete in all levels of youth cheer & dance, make new friends, learn self-confidence and leadership skills. At Fallbrook Pop Warner, we strive to provide a positive and fun experience for all who participate!


                                        Age and Division Breakdown

Flag Teams
(Non-Competitive)  5 - 7 years old*
Flag teams will participate in the local cheer & dance competition and will have the opportunity to attend JAMZ Camp.

Competitive Teams Age Breakdown:

Division          Age                     
FLAG 5-7-8 years old
8U            7 - 8 years old
9U                   7-8-9 years old

10U         8,9,10 years old
11U                  9-10-11 years old
12U                 10,11,12 years old
13U                 11-12-13 years old
14U                 12,13,14 years old
*Please be sure and verify your child's birthdate with the Pop Warner"Age Based Matrix" 

All Cheer teams will have the opportunity to participate in the summer Jamz Camp (fees included in registration). 
Teams will also have the chance to perform at the Pop Warner local, regional, and national competitions The local competitions 
are paid for by the league and conference association however, competing in the 
National competition would require individual
team approval and fundraising.

Siblings and Team Placement

We will do everything possible to place siblings on the same team(s) however, team placement relies on the number of participants, coaches and teams that are available. 


WE NEED YOU!!!!!!  
All youth sports programs rely heavily on parent volunteers. Parents and guardians have the opportunity to organize fundraisers, create snack schedules, plan parties and other team events. You may also volunteer as a head or assistant coach. Coaches lead and manage the teams, and teach all aspects of the Pop Warner Cheer & Dance program including dance, tumbling, conditioning, team building, chants, cheers, stunting, etc.

PLEASE CONTACT THE FPW CHEER COORDINATOR if you are willing to help out on any way! [email protected]

ALSO, please click on the "COACHES & VOLUNTEERS" button on our website for more information on how to become a coach or volunteer.