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Welcome to Soldotna Little League

Welcome to Soldotna Little League

Volunteer Fee

Starting the 2023 Spring Season, the league will be charging a $50 non-volunteer fee per order.

The success of Soldotna Little League has its foundation in the involvement of our great volunteers. As the league has grown over the years, so has the need for more volunteers. To avoid this fee, we ask you to select volunteer opportunities at registration or volunteer for one of the many tasks around the park. The expectation is that each volunteer provides at least 2 hours to the team/s or the league. Should you choose to forgo selecting a volunteer opportunity and choose to pay the fee at the end of the season, your fee will provide added financial support to allow the league to complete its work. Should you change your mind, you will have the opportunity throughout the season to volunteer your 2 hours/player and recoup your fees. 



Visit Volunteer Roles for more details


During uniform distribution, families will be required to sign an agreement with payment information for the $50 volunteer fee we are asking families to contribute to the management of the park. We ask each family to help 2 hours throughout the season or just coming out to our Park Clean-up Day. No Bond fee will be collected if you volunteer your two hours at the park before uniform distribution. At the end of the season if you have fulfilled your volunteer agreement we will shred the pre-payment (check or credit card) or return the signed form back to you. You may also donate the funds to capital improvements for the park. If you choose not to volunteer we will charge the $50 as you assigned on the form.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a volunteer bond?
A volunteer bond program is a program where each family submits an additional fee to the league at the start of the season. At times, it is difficult to get help before and during the games. Assisting the coaches so they may focus on the field. 

How is our Bond Deposit collected?
The Team Parent for each team will collect the payments and submit these to the SLL Board of Directors. After volunteer hours have been met, the family is returned this fee (after their season has concluded). If volunteering hours are not met, the fee is kept by SLL to use toward capital improvements.

Why does SLL need a volunteer bond program?
Due to a shortage of volunteers in years past, the SLL Board has decided to implement a Volunteer Bond Program.  Many other sports clubs across the State of Alaska and here on the Peninsula have a volunteer bond program, and we have tried to avoid it but our organization is only as good as its volunteers. We are finding it more difficult every year to get people to volunteer their time with essential functions such as park cleanup, maintenance, and the many duties on game days. We need the help from the league's parents to continue with the success of the SLL Baseball and Softball Programs.

How much is volunteer bond?
The volunteer bond fee is $50 per family. The volunteer bond checks will be held by the SLL Board of Directors and your cash/check/card form will be returned to you upon completion of your volunteer duties. If you do not submit your volunteer bond check your child will not be able to play until your check is received.

How many hours must I volunteer to have my volunteer bond returned?
Your family is required to complete a total of 2 hours of volunteer service. (per family, not player)  

How do I sign up for volunteer opportunities?
As soon as volunteer opportunities are available, they are posted under our Volunteer Roles page on our site. Also, just show up for 2 hours of volunteering on Park Clean-Up Day.

Can I choose not to volunteer?
You may choose not to volunteer and forfeit your deposit but SLL certainly hopes that you choose to provide assistance to the league!

What types of volunteer opportunities will be available?
There will be many ways in which parents can volunteer their time to recuperate their volunteer bond, but it may be necessary to sign up early in the season to make sure that we do not run out of volunteer opportunities. We are hoping that everyone will assist the club with their time and therefore no one will surrender their volunteer bond.
Here are some volunteer bond volunteer opportunities.  We will add more items to the list as time goes on.  Please continue to check back. 
(Current list on the right)

How will I get credit for my volunteer hours?
It is the volunteer’s responsibility to properly document the hours you have given to your team or league. Initial next to your name with the Team Parent. Upon completion of your obligation, your volunteer completion form will be validated by your team's Head Coach or Manager, the SLL Volunteer Coordinator or the SLL Board. 

Please help make SLL successful!!
If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected]


Volunteer Bond Form, print and sign form.  Turn into the Volunteer Coordinator (at Snack Shack) or your Team Parent. Copies available at the Snack Shack. 

Volunteer Bond Form

Volunteer Opportunities

Becoming a Board Member 
Coach (1 per team)
Assistant Coach (1 per team)
Team Manager (1 per team)

Committee Volunteers (Oilers, Signs, etc.)
Tournament Volunteers
Saturday Morning Field Maintenance
Spring Clean Up
Leaf Clean Up
Opening Day Helpers
Batting Cages
Organize Sheds
Fix Broken Items
Clean Dugouts
Paint Dugouts
Paint Buildings
Paint Dugouts
Fence Installation
Moving dirt and debris
Store Equipment for Winter
Fall Clean Up
Many More Jobs...

Volunteers, scan for more info.

Volunteer Background Check

Volunteer Process:

- Login/Register above
- Once logged in, scroll to the bottom and select 'Register to Volunteer'
- Select which PROGRAM, the DIVISION, and continue by selecting 'View Selected Opportunities'
- Select which POSITION you wish to volunteer for and sign yourself up. You may also sign up another user by selecting "Sign up another user' (Chose as many positions you'd like)
- Verify your CONTACT INFORMATION and then the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, then select 'View and Accept' Little League Applications
- You will need to UPLOAD YOUR GOVERNMENT ID in order to complete the volunteer process
- Submit your application
- You will receive an email with additional instructions with JDP to finalize your background check 

We have included many websites to visit with any questions.

JDPalatine Website

JDP Background Check - from Little League International

Contact Info
[email protected]
Contact Info
[email protected]

Links & Contacts

JDPalatine Website

JDP Background Check - from Little League International

Keith Pieh - President
Bryan Frapp - Safety Officer
Jesse Dockins - Coach Coordinator
Paula Lyon - Concessions/Player Agent
Corenia Burgess - Volunteer Coordinator

[email protected]

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