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Welcome to Soldotna Little League

Welcome to Soldotna Little League

Informational Packet

Soldotna Little League ALL-Stars Informational Packet

This packet contains important information regarding ALL-Stars that all coaches, players, and parent must know. It is a highlighted summary of the Little League Tournament Rules and Guidelines. The complete rules and guidelines can be found on the Little League App or by following this link Baseball – Rulebook (

First, it must be understood that tournament play, or ALL-Stars is different than regular season play, and it is under a different authority and jurisdiction. In fact, Little League describes it as a whole new ball game (Little League Tournament Rules and Guidelines). In other words, local and district IS NOT in authority. There will be no waivers, resorting to local rules, or other variation unless granted explicitly from Williamsport because all the authority comes directly and solely from the Tournament Committee at Williamsport.

Player Eigibility. 

There are some strict guidelines that must be followed for a player to be eligible to be part of an All-Star team, and they are as follows. 

  • Before any player is considered for an All-Star team, they first must have participated in a minimal of 8 regular season games, (except for the Senior League, there is no minimum), and participation is verified by the regular season scorebooks, so accurate scorebooks must be kept for all divisions. 

  • They must be considered based on their league age and NOT their actual age, which may or may not be the same. In other words, if a player is 7, but is a league age of 8 the player can tryout for the 8-10 division even if they played in a lower division (machine pitch) during regular season. However, the opposite also applies. If any player is at a league age of 11, he/she must play in the 9-11 or the 11-12 division even if the player played in a lower division during the regular season. Furthermore, age must be verified by the player’s original birth certificate.

  • Eligibility is also determined by residency in ones district, which is done through proving physical address or by school attendance. Proving one’s physical address is done by providing three specific documents (one document from each group). Determining residency via school attendance is done by having the principal of the school your child attends fill out a school enrollment form. If your child goes to one of the approved schools in your league’s district, it is easier and preferred, but not required, to use the school attendance method because the same school enrollment form can be used repeatedly until your child changes schools, and it will last for the life of your child’s participation in little league.

***Residency Shall be Established and Supported by: Documents containing the full residence which includes parent(s) or court-appointed guardian(s) name, street address, city, state, and zip code information, dated or in force between February 1 of the previous year and February 1 of the current year, from ONE or more documents from EACH of the three groups outlined below:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3


… Driver’s license

… School records … Vehicle records (e.g. registration, lease, etc.)

… Employment records

… Insurance documents


… Welfare/childcare records …

Federal records (e.g. federal tax, social security, etc.)

… State records

… Local (municipal) records

… Support payment records

… Homeowner or tenant records

… Military records


… Voter’s registration

… Utility bills (e.g. gas, electric, phone, heating, etc.)

… Financial records (loan, credit, investments, etc.) … Medical records

… Internet, cable, or satellite records

Note 1: Three documents from the same group constitute only ONE document.

Note 2: Certain documents may be used in different Groups but will count for only one Group per child. Example – If a water/sewer bill is used to satisfy Group II as a municipal record, that same bill CANNOT be used as a utility bill to satisfy Group III. Furthermore,  ALL documents must be dated, and documents such as bills must be dated between February 1 of  the previous  year and February 1 of the current year. Example,  all dates for this year must be dated between 2/1/2022 & 2/1/2023. 

School Attendance Shall be Established and Supported by: A document indicating enrollment for the current academic year, dated prior to October 1 of previous year, and with the physical location of the school from ONE of the following categories:

… The School Enrollment Form provided by Little League ( 

… Official/Certified enrollment record, confirming current enrollment, that includes the school’s physical address and the original signature of the school’s senior administrator (principal, headmaster, etc.) 

NOTE: A school-issued report card/performance record will no longer be accepted to establish school attendance

Selecting Players.

The selection of players is done by one of the approved methods, which is determined by the Board of Directors. There are also a few things that are considered in selecting players for an ALL-Star team. The main consideration in choosing players is their level of baseball skills, hence ALL-Star team. Besides being a skillful player, players must exhibit good behavior, they must uphold the Code of Conduct throughout the season, this includes regular season play. An individual who wishes to be considered for an All-Star team must be respectful to the coaches, teammates, board members, parents, and opposing team members. Individuals should be uplifting, and NOT putting others down; in other words, treat others as you would like to be treated. 

Managers and Coaches

To be a manager or a coach of an ALL-Star team one must have also coached or managed a team during regular season in the same division or higher. For example, a major’s coach can coach a major’s team or a minor’s team, but cannot coach a senior’s team, same applies to managers as well. Another important eligibility factor for coaches and managers is that they must complete the Little League Diamond Leader Training Program. According to the Little League Rules and Guidelines,

As a condition of eligibility for selection as a tournament team manager/coach, the regular season manager/coach must have also completed the Little League Diamond Leader Training Program ( This program must be completed prior to the individual being named a tournament team manager/coach and before participating in any practices or games. Tournament Team managers/coaches who have completed the program should be prepared to produce the Little League Diamond Leader completion certificate if requested by the District Administrator/ Tournament Director.  

Furthermore, just like players, coaches and managers must also adhere to the Code of Conduct. 

Being part of an ALL-Star team is both an honor and a privilege. As an ALL-Star player, it is a privilege to show one’s skills, and it is an honor to represent your league. 

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